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In the year 1912 at Fort Madison, Iowa - U.S.A, Walter A. Sheaffer had taken his lever system refill idea and his life savings to found the W.A. Sheaffer company. Over 100 years later and Sheaffer have continued to offer innovative, reliable and stylish writing instruments. These pens are used the world over, by friends who can truly appreciate elegance and class.

From humble beginnings as a small sales service from the back of an Iowa Jewellery shop, William A Sheaffer’s vision to create a level operated fountain pen refilling system was soon to become a reality. Accompanied by 7 employees, a modest amount of space and a fiery ambition to craft fine writing instruments, Mr. Sheaffer and his team set about a journey which would span over 100 years.

Such prestige has Sheaffer pens obtained over the years, to have been recognised by world leaders for their reliability. In 1945, U.S. Secretary of State James F. Byrnes used a Sheaffer pen to sign the document which would bring the United Nations into being. Events such as this show the years of hard work and commitment, truly pay off.

Generation after generation have had the absolute pleasure of receiving stylish, accessible and reliable pens which have left a lasting impression on pen lovers for over a century. The fine craftsmanship, incredible precision and everlasting style of the white dot pens have earned a worldwide appreciation.